Charter the SILVER SPLENDOR, a vintage restored train for group travel anywhere in the USA. Enjoy luxurious meals in your own privately chartered railroad car while you watch America fly by your windows on any of Amtrak's many routes.

The SILVER SPLENDOR is proudly owned by Heidi and John Caestecker and operated in conjunction with our parent corporation, LARail.com. The SILVER SPLENDOR has traveled all across America behind Amtrak's trains to destinations as far away as Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, New Orleans, Washington D.C., and more. Our continuing mission is to provide you with luxurious train travel in the style of the 1950's. Stellar service is our priority when we welcome you back in time aboard our vintage railcar.

Please feel free to browse around our site to learn more about our 1956 Budd Dome Car. You can hear our story on the history page. Perhaps we've already convinced you to take a ride? Please make sure to check out all of our upcoming trips aboard the SILVER SPLENDOR.

Also, please make sure to stop by our corporation's website by clicking the logo below. We have four other 1950's vintage railroad cars with which to build your very own rolling celebration, party, anniversary, or other outing. Long distance trips are offered throughout the year that combines together the SILVER SPLENDOR with some of the other LARail.com railroad cars. Traveling across the country lounging in a real 1940's Daylight Lounge Car or sleeping in an authentic Pullman berth is the ultimate experience of years long passed. Perhaps you would enjoy standing on the rear platform of your very own Canadian National business car, or sitting down for a meal in a Vista Dome? All of these wonderful opportunities and more are available through LARail.com. Please click below to find out more.

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